[0.9-g06bdf79] Canceling use of disinfectant removes all bites

Version 0.9-g06bdf79 curses.
If you use disinfectant, and then cancel at the body part selection window, it will clean all bites without consuming a charge.
Reverting 78fc325 (to 36e7fbf ) fixes it. The patch below also fixes it, but I haven’t tested to see if it breaks anything else, and I’m unfamiliar with the code.
This is my first time reporting a bug, so sorry if I’ve missed anything.

[code]diff --git a/src/iuse.cpp b/src/iuse.cpp
index ca5505d…281e4f6 100644
— a/src/iuse.cpp
+++ b/src/iuse.cpp
@@ -425,6 +425,9 @@ static hp_part use_healing_item(player *p, item *it, int normal_power, int head_
if(p->activity.type != ACT_FIRSTAID) {
healed = body_window(p, it, item_name, normal_bonus, head_bonus,
torso_bonus, bleed, bite, infect, force);

  •    if (healed == num_hp_parts) {
  •      return healed;
  •    }
     // Brick healing if using a first aid kit for the first time.
     // TODO: Base check on something other than the name.


Thanks for the report!

It’s been registered in our issue tracker.