Tiles display bug (or feature? neither?)

0.C-17472-g1a74cd5 (tiles)

Not game breaking:

The f_canvas_wall and f_canvas_door, not being actual walls and doors, don’t line up or rotate properly. The doors won’t ‘attach’ to the walls and the walls won’t make corners if a door is next to it instead of a wall.

Additionally in a site called “campsites” there are vertical picket fences (t_fence_v) lined up horizontally.

Example in the following screenshot.

Think this might just be a chesthole tileset issue. Report it in that thread. I’d say.

I made and assigned those tiles in the config for the Chesthole tileset. They won’t attach because f_canvas_door and f_canvas wall are two separate things and, being furniture, will only attach to themselves unlike terrain doors and walls which “connect_to_wall”.

Aha, is there an easy way to fix it? And has somebody already made an issue out of this?


I don’t really think there’s an easy way to fix it without more “connects_to” flags (ones that will work on furniture). And me knowing nothing about coding means I have no idea as to the difficulty of fixing it.

It’s very similar to the bug/notreallyabug that I posted about here: http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=12755.msg276571#msg276571 a few moons ago (Chezzo had made a Github issue on those awhile back as well).

I do read the github and I feel like they don’t really want more flags, so I dunno.

Here’s a link to a post from Hitbutton that might help:


And a link to his Github update in January: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/14874

I suspect that the fence issue can be fixed in the tileset config. t_fence_v and t_fence_h should be functionally identical to ordinary fences ever since the PR I linked in the other thread.

Connect groups for furniture (as opposed to terrain) are another matter altogether, and that would need to be added as a new feature request. I ran into the same problem with canvas walls/doors in my iso tileset, and iirc I just did an unsatisfactory workaround by making the tiles cube-block style.

Your suspicion is correct. I added ‘edge’ and ‘end_piece’ (I was using the v and h for those because I thought they were supposed to be vertical and horizontal). I’ll remove the fences from my OP.

Silly legacy terrains; at least now I know that the ‘v’ and ‘h’ are irrelevant.