Wire fences and gates

It seems that if you try to realign a wire fence from horizontal to vertical, it works fine, but once it’s in vertical alignment, you just get You cannot build here! if you try to realign it. (Newly built wire fences are in vertical alignment from the start, but I managed to realign an existing fence. (To my great dismay.))

Wire gates, not sure if I’m missing something about how they work, but I can’t seem to build them anywhere at all. Not on pavement, not on dirt, not free standing nor next to a wire fence.

A fix for the alignment bug is pending, and should be available in the experimentals within a day or so.

As for the wire gates, the code states they should go between two roof supporting structures (thereunder wirefences).

Oh, and thanks for reporting.

I’ll confess I didn’t try to build it between two wire fences, just next to one. My plan was to build one big gate, to let me drive my car through. Speaking of which, it would be very nice if you could build them on pavement, letting you close up the entrance to a public works. =)

To me it would make more sense if we were able to destroy asphalt with a jackhammer, piackaxe, or sledgehammer; for then to build there the usual way.

That would work too, except I picture a large wire fence gate something like this:

And thus there would be no need to remove any asphalt.

That would be cool, and code for it should be laying around somewhere seeing as garage-doors works in this manner.