Can you put water in a gasoline tank?

I searched around and didn’t find a good answer, so here is my question.

“Can you pull a gas tank from a vehicle and use it to store clean water?”

I thought if you did this IRL you would poison yourself, but this is a game, so some real world rules might not apply. Can this be done?

~ D. Jenkins

Yes. So long as the tank is empty you can store whatever you want in it without issues. Previous content has no relevance.

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Same deal if you have the tank installed in a vehicle. As long as you burn through all the gasoline in the tank you can then store clean water inside with no impunity.

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Thanks! I appreciate the confirmation. It was sort of bothering me.

Not just water, either. Any liquid. I’ve got 60L tanks of bleach and ammonia at my base.

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Oh thanks for pointing that out. I’ve got a load of random liquids I’ve found. I’ll have to go scavenge more tanks.

While still in the vehicle, damaged tanks will leak whatever is in them. Once out of the vehicle, they don’t seem to do that, so once you have Metal Cutting, you have effectively unlimited liquid storage.


Oh, I thought that I had to repair them or something. That is good to know!

I’m not an expert at this game, so I could be wrong, but I haven’t had any problems lately with them spilling out of damaged tanks…

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This definitely happens with red-name ( very damaged ) tanks. There is a reason you find those puddles of gasoline and diesel under the vehicles. That being said, yellow tanks never seem to leak from my experience.

I’m saying that 60L Tanks leak while in vehicles, but do not leak when not in vehicles.

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My bad. When a tank is not installed in a vehicle they will never spill their contents no matter what, you’re right about that.

I find an entire tank of fruit wine to be the finest addition to any shoddily thrown together car with a cart crudely nailed to the back.


Try a barrel of pinot noir, for the sophisticated gentleman!
(Sadly adding a faucet accesses the clean water tank even when it’s built on a different tank’s tile, so you have to siphon or craft to access other tanks)


I shall have to look into this! I didn’t know that you could craft wine!

Yeah you can brew several basic types of alcohol and distill spirits, I’ve found it’s a good reason to park my deathmobile for a couple of days now and then. That and cheese-making.
(The pinot noir came in a barrel found in a mansion, of course)

You can make fruit wine must and other fermentable beverages, then put them in a (*)Constructed fermentation tank.

Notably, you can use this to make vinegar, from which you can make batteries.

I’m a Gastank Full of Fancy Hobos kind of survivor, m’self.

You only feel for that until you install a refrigerator and watch in awe as the morale bonuses skyrocket cause your booze is ice cold.

Personally I like to NOT lug around sugar in my vehicle. So I chill at a maple barn and fill up a tank full of maple syrup and I have literally sugar on tap. Woot! xD

So I went a little hog wild and siphoned/uninstalled a bunch of tanks. My Lucky SUV and a little sedan are now fully fueled and transporting massive amounts of disassembled furniture and car parts. I now have a main base and a raid base that I am bouncing in between. I decided to set up multiple water collection tanks. Then I remembered to create a bunch of faucets… and herein lies my next problem.

How do you install a faucet on these massive 60L tanks? Do I have to install the tank on the vehicle and then install the faucet? Can I install the on a tank thats just sitting on the ground?