Can you put water in a gasoline tank?


You either install a faucet or Kitchen unit on the vehicle. Either works. As for normal item tanks, no, but if you have four 60L tanks and a Water Faucet, you may make a Standing Tank furniture and store liquid in there.


I think i have somewhere between 4 and 6… there was a couple of wrecked vehicles with 2 tanks. I’ll give this a shot.


Installing the faucet on a tank with (clean) water will be enough. In fact, it will allow you to drink water from all the tanks that have (clean) water in them. Or you can get the utility Kitchen Unit.


That’s actually my go-to strategy. I keep a larg stomach of booze inside the refrigerator but keep a massive tank installed because it saves on cargo space. But I only drink from the cold stomach of booze.