Liquid Tank Upgrade

Tanks, at present, are something of an irritation to me. They hold liquids, but only gasoline, hydrogen and CLEAN water, as of 22nd of April.

Here’s a very simple suggestion. How about we make it so that tanks are capable of holding the liquids placed into them, as opposed to being set ‘X tank’ on the vehicle screen? What if I actually want to store salt water in something other than 55 gallon drums? And what about normal water? Because seriously, I’d make tank arrays for most liquids, if it were actually an option. But it isn’t, and from an in-game standpoint that makes no sense.

I’d do it myself, but I have no idea what I’m doing with regard to the vehicle submenu, which is the root of the problem here. Tank contents are designated on install, rather than by what liquid you place in them, because the ‘refill’ option does not include the ability to choose which liquid you wish to use.

tl;dr - tanks of salt/acid/booze/unclean water are totes rad. Can we have them, please?

I too wish to drive a big rig with tanks filled to the brim with alcohol of all sorts.

Once you loot several dozen liquor stores you start to run out of space to store your barrels of single malt and your gallons and gallons (and gallons) of other alcohols.