Water/Gasoline Tanks

How about being able to construct a water/gasoline tank at whatever site you have? That way you could pump it into a vehicle. Basically just a liquid storage on location. Also, can we make it so we can fill containers in an RV sink?

We could use sheet metal or metal tanks. A pipe or two for a stand/pipes to a pump. Also some kind of pump of course. Electric or muscle driven.

Perhaps just add pumps for for vehicles. Then we’d have the ability to make a vehicle with no engines or what not and just a bunch of metal tanks on it with one pump.

Gas Tanker (as you can’t actually have trailers):

H = Tank
& = Pump

Examine the pump for to pump the fuel or water into something else or maybe to pump something into it? (Like from a river?)

Can’t seem to get this to use the Courier font…

Yeah, I want tankers in too.
Explodey ones.

How about liquid nitrogen ones? I suppose we don’t have T’s to fight, but . . . could be cool?

And here’s Pthalocy with the utterly useless suggestion I’ve seen trucks with tankers like these, but for dairy.

Imagine, you’re excited to have found something you can store a mobile source of water in, but you have to empty it first. Hundreds of gallons later, the entire roadside is covered in milk that went sour after the first five seconds of gameplay. Hahaha.

I’d be interested to see if putting a bunch of liquid in one place spreads it around or if it just stacks like regular items… :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, I don’t have an answer to that one. Hmm.

Actually, the dairy tankers could probably could keep that milk good for at least a week.

Hmm, possible. I don’t know if the tankers are cooled or what, so someone else will have to field that thought.

I tried dumping some steel jerrycans of water on the ground to see if there was any special physics for it and no dice.

You can kinda do this already just by installing tanks everywhere on a vehicle and then siphoning it out. Also, just building a couple frame inside your house, you can put in an RV unit and water tank and whatever else on it.

Kinda, but not quite. Be nice to have an actual pump.