Can you auto-walk in a line like in Dungeon Crawl?

Do I need to hit the ‘L’ key 50 times to walk across an empty field?

Dungeon Crawl has a shift-walk thing, where you press shift + ‘L’ once, and auto-walk until you hit a wall or something interesting occurs. Is there a similar command here that I’m missing?

There is the auto travel function. Open the map, move where you want to go and hit W twice (one to select, the second to confirm your choice, make sure the route doesn’t take you near e.g mi-go towers.

If you just move to a certain spot in your view, look around and move the cursor where you want and then hit T.

See Added toggleable auto travel mode by ZhilkinSerg · Pull Request #29885 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub

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you can also keep the direction key pressed and the pc will walk until you hit something or you stop pressing

you may just press with a cursor and the character will go there