Player overmap autotravel

Just letting you know, that in the overmap UI ( M key ) you can now specify a route for player to auto-travel to, it’s easy to miss so I thought i’d inform everyone here.

PR is here

a gif is here


My carpal tunnel thanks whoever did this


your welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now the dream is just to do this with vehicles. :heart_eyes:

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so just to clarify this isn’t fast travel right? is there some sort “safe mode” to prevent walking into dangerous tiles or in front of mods?

Your character just starts pathing automatically (which you can see in real time) respecting safe mode.

This ^ - it’s just like what your player does when doing zone sorting or farming, pathing automatically as they walk along, theres no SKyrim fast travel teleportation here! Kevin would never stand for that

Working on vehicle auto-driving now.

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I’m a bit overwhelmed by the huge list in the link… which one do I put in the mods folder?

It’s not a mod, the PR link shows that its been merged into the main game.

If you play the experimental version of the game and update, you will see this new feature in it.

I already love this feature. Thank you so much for adding it!

Nice, would update to current version if vehicle fast travel was a thing. I am sick of traveling through woods, and this would allow larger vehicle viable.

Land mines and other obstables like cars can be traversed…even fully blocking a path with trees on both sides? 0_o

The pathfinding settings will go through any tile the player can normally traverse, and path around ones that it cant to a certain degree. if it can’t reach the destination because the destination is impassable, it bails out and stops.

In reality this means itll auto-dodge obstacles and bushes and so on.

tbh I don’t know what happens when landmines are spotted, test it and find out :stuck_out_tongue:
Its not meant to be used to explore new areas, I recommend marking minefields on your map so you dont path through them, ( if it dosnt dodge them - it might automatically )

Land mines were recently nerfed and now only appear in a few specific places – you walking into a landmine is plausible, but unlikely. I think it prompts you if you’re in safe-mode and see a landmine, which would pull you out of auto-move. EDIT: I assume, at least, cause it’s stopping me in safe-mode for basically everything.

If you want to see some “fun” I had with the first step in making vehicles auto-drive themselves, I made a gif.

Was just testing if I could get it to automatically drive in a straight line… and well it kinda did…


If landmines trigger safemode , then yes, it will interrupt the auto-walk.

Was more curious than would use this.But I like the concept. Seems legit if you set up a large farm though.

So in that regard you can tractor to and fro auto pilot maybe.I would be more interested in a farming grab and go wash rinse repeat aspect.

…now if I could just live long nuff to farm xD

Uh-oh…nerfed in what way chappy?

I can live without them spawning in buildings and forests. But are roadblocks no longer a thing?

Just as an update – I couldn’t get the mines to trigger safemode, so I may be wrong about that.

About landmine nerfs:

They were changed to be a lot more scary, with some randomized features. People had a negative reaction so they got nerfed. Minefields should now only appear at the mouth of bridges, and are probably pretty rare.

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