How to auto-travel

I’ve toggled the auto-travel mode on. How do we auto-travel?

On the map screen choose a square you want to go to and press shift+w . It will display a path to the square. Press shift + w again to travel


Theres some confusion here due to perhaps my fault in naming the feature.
There is an auto-travel mode toggleable in keybindings, what this does is enable you to auto-avoid obstacles when you hold down a direction key, the player will walk around prickly bushes and so on.

Then there is the overmap auto-travel feature, which as eric_liebl describes, allows you to automatically travel by selecting a remote destination, then watching as your player automatically moves there.


Thanks Eric Liebl and dpwb!

These are both long-requested features. I’m glad they’re in the game now.

Perhaps this should be renamed as ‘smart-travel mode’ to eliminate the confusion.

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By the way,when i grab shopping cart while auto traveling,sometimes auto travel stop by itself. it say i cant reach that destination.

I haven’t tried auto-travel in vehicle how safe it is?

99% safe.
That number decreases the bigger your vehicle is.
Big vehicles confuse the dumb autodrive.

Yes, what happens there, is that at some points when you change direction the cart goes in front of you, and even though when you are walking normally you will push the cart in front of you… when you are automatically pathfinding, the algorithm sees the cart in front of you as an impassable obstacle.

I can’t see an easy way around this tbh.

Thanks, this is great feature!