'Passive' vehicle movement

(1) I have tried pushing one vehicle with another, but even if it sorta works, it creates instead a series of mini collision. Is there anyway to push a vehicle with another?

(2) Is it possible to put a vehicle into another one?

(3) is it possible to weld with a frame 2 vehicles as one?

Trying to clean up some streets of vehicles here. And also to have a kind of modular vehicle…

  1. As far as I know, no. You could try it with powerful engine at lowest speed possible but it will still count as series of collisions.
  2. https://cdda-trunk.chezzo.com/bike_rack/craft
  3. Again, as far as I know, no.

It would be a cool addition to allow a chain to be hooked up similar to jumper cables to pull a vehicle,

Though I’m sure it’s not a simple addition in respect to coding.
Maybe then we could have similar mechanics for a tow truck vehicle. :thinking:

Thats coming soon


Awesome! I love this game!

Great stuff! Now we’ll be able to clear the streets to make drivable paths once the zombies have been removed. And bridges!!

Yep, clearing bridges to make autodriving back to base easier was my thinking

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