Moving broken vehicles out of the road

We need some way to be able to move broken vehicles blocking the road without having to ram them out of the way, potentially damaging your own vehicle. I was thinking it would be nice to be able to mount a winch and tow cable to the front or back of your vehicle, and pulling them out of the way. It would especially be useful for bridges that are obstructed by multiple vehicles, making pushing impractical.

My method provided there is nothing of value on the vehicle is to just blast it with a turbo laser.

That takes forever though. And won’t it damage bridges?

Also, it would be nice to be able to pull a vehicle somewhere safe to dismantle for parts instead of being interrupted every seven seconds by shady zombies.

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I see if it’s possible to repair it, a lot of times you can just move them.
If it has enough wheels, I nudge it out of the way at 10mph with my composite plated ram.
If it’s badly wrecked, I drop a few explosives, usually from my grenade launcher turret, then ram the leftovers until they collapse.

The worst case is generally a military vehicle in good shape, but with no wheels. In that case I consider going back, or else transfer some wheels from another vehicle, which is time and (typing) labor consuming.

And none of that would be necessary if we just had a winch.

Have you tried using mininukes? I hear they do a good job at clearing the road for you.

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I don’t believe turbo lasers will melt a bridge.

Mininukes are going to make the problem even worse - It will leave a crater with radioactive and burning gas in the place of the wreck; It will also completely destroy bridges. Isn’t C-4 enough for that ?

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It may destroy the road but currently there is no method for the water to flow into the previous road.

True. If it wasn’t for the radioactive burning gas , that wouldn’t be a problem. But i think if you wait long enough , the gas will eventually dissapear; haven’t tested it tho

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Gas yes. Radiation no, but then again I hope you weren’t planning on living in that area anyways.

Before invincible vehicles got patched I sometimes made a “Bulldozer” whose sole purpose (and self imposed allowed use) was clearing paths.

Roller drums are insanely durable. In theory, you can craft a two tile vehicle with a roller drum up from and an engine and seat behind it. You could stow it on a bike rack and just take it down to break stuff.

I tried a quick and dirty experiment along those lines by replacing the front wheel of a scooter with a roller drum. The first collision shattered the light frames and split the scooter, but I think it might work with heavy duty frames.

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Can you put something with a heavy duty frame on a bike rack? Can you even put anything that isn’t foldable on a bike rack?

And that is what shock absorbers are for.:exploding_head:

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Is there any point in using shock absorbers if you have military composite plate?

You stick military plate on your bumper and shock absorbers on the tiles behind it. Stops the impact from spreading through the vehicle damaging parts further back.


Ooooh nice. I didnt know it worked that way, thought it was just an alternate armor. I’ve just got composite plate on everything.

I make a two tile thick bumper and put composite on everything except the bumper’s inner layer. (once I can)