Vehicle connect

i think a cool idea would be to connect vehicles. know i mean two kinds.
the first is to actully connect them like it took me like 2 in game hours to connect two shopping carts know i would say what you connect would say the tools needed. things like this shopping cart example just a bit of rope to connect them but a metal vehicle would still need to be weld unless its like your connect a trailer or something. this would let people connect carts to vehicles for extra cargo or something.
the second is mostly power and stuff this is more for the stationary vehicles you have one small vehical for collecting water or power and stuff
edit. also i think the / inventory option should have a vehicle option to both grab from a vehicles cargo and to put something in it

Well you can. Sort of. I think Lang worked out a method to affix a bike to a normal vehicle. But it gets crazy with the code to do more than that. So nothing like a flat bed or tethering as of now. It has been discussed and think making a future flatbed maybe something possible.

ok i just thought. one vehicle has a connector hook (im sure you have seen what i am talking about) the other has a connecter loop for said hook bring them together and you could connect them to one ride. and the other would type of connection would use electrical wires and pipes so real connecters

Tow hitches and trailer pins are something I want to enable, so we can have proper towed trailers, but it’s not as easy as “add two vehicle parts”. It’s actually really complicated due to various issues in how CDDA implements vehicles and movement.

i see that now I am not a coder (i am way to active when i get thinking for it)

This is also a thing I wanted implemented for a few years, both the towing idea (of witch i would make a jumper cable like item call it tow strap and have 3 different versions) and a “Tow hitches and trailer pins” witch I would make vehicle parts… As for the vehicle code -_- i would of messed around with it already but i can never stay on a project long enough to finish it.

Ps mobile bases would get stupid, good stupid.