Can NPC's draw weapons from holsters?

hello, are NPC’s capable of drawing weapons from holsters i equip them with? i gave mine like a rifle and a backup pistol in a holster but never saw them actually use it. can that actually happen?

yer npc kamerad prioritizes rifle as its much better than pistol and npc holster guns and magazines

obviously they prioritize their RIFel but i was merely wonder if they’ll ever draw their pistol should the need arise, or will they bash the enemy with their rifle.


if they run out of ammo can they reload holstered magazines?

can they fire worn weapons (i.e. shoulder strap) ?

rifle is better than pistol so it is prioritized until it runs out of dakka

npc as i said use holsters and pouches and holster ammo and guns as this action is faster than putting in inventory

i’ve never actually witnessed that in action so i felt to ask away! thanks for clearing that out

Are you sure about that? npcmove.cpp doesn’t look like it understands holsters, and I just tested an NPC with Handguns 5 and Marksmanship 5. I gave him a holster with a Glock 22 and he wielded an umbrella against a jabberwock. When I gave him a Glock 19, he immediately switched to that.

They can reload weapons in holsters but don’t seem to wield them.

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ahh i knew that my NPC-s arent that smart haha!

the most i’ve seen them do is reload bows/crossbows from quivers or reload from bandoliers. so this hasn’t been implemented yet?

Not yet. Hopefully by Monday, though. I wrote the code, just needs more testing.


Not expressly meant as humor, but thanks for the chuckle :wink: