0.C-10326-gd08fe5a - NPCs with certain guns unable to shoot? (Magazine related?)

#4343, Win7, tiles

I forgot to report this earlier so let’s see what I remember. I got the mission to provoke a certain NPC to attack me. I do that, and I notice the NPC is holding a USP pistol (I think, not sure). I got ready for a shootout, but to my surprise she didn’t fire at me but instead she resorted to melee. After I had killed her, I noticed that she had the gun and the proper ammo… but then I realize she doesn’t have any magazines, which made me think she was simply unable to load her gun, for not having proper magazines.

Worth keeping an eye out for.

happened with a Glock i have from item creation, i can’t reload it even if i have the proper amo. Nor can i reload the one i found later.

The same issue in my game. NPC’s cannot use any guns. Even the shotguns and revolvers that requier’s only reloading, without unloading magazine.
Every time they try to shoot debug message appears and says something about “trying to shoot with zero or negative ammo”. And if you kill those NPC there is an appropriate ammunition in their inventory. So, this magazine reload feature is cool of course, but probably buggy for now.

Possible fix proposed here. Dunno why it’s not getting any attention. Go forth, make accounts on github, and ask! :slight_smile: