NPC threat assessments shoudl take into account worn/wielded weapons

It’s not exactly news to anyone that NPC’s are a “work in progress,” but I’ve found the pure suicidal attitude of NPC’s to the initial encounter somewhat puzzling. More than once I’ve been trucking about only to encounter a new NPC, sometimes armed with a melee weapon, one only armed with her own helmet wielded in-hand, who ordered me to drop my weapon and fuck off, forever, on pain of death.

Whilst I was wearing a handgun and had a slung rifle on my back.

As important as the nuances of social interaction may be, in my personal experience (as a gas station attendant working at Dark O’Clock) a loaded handgun has a miraculous effect on most social encounters. Like a magic wand, when you point it at problems, they tend to disappear. Very fast, at best running speed, towards the nearest cover.

Whenever NPC interactions are updated, I submit that this is a worthy consideration to take into account.

[EDIT:] 0.G Stable, if it matters.

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They already do take into account your wielded weapon, including if your wielded weapon is a firearm.

Taking into account worn weapons would be a big improvement, considering the primacy of melee in the game. I’m usually running around with a spear in my hands, a holstered pistol (for emergencies) and a slung rifle (for really big emergencies.) Given the fact that spear straps are (currently) considered a difficult-to-tailor item instead of a rope tied to the weapon (like rifle slings) the spear is almost always going to be in my character’s hand upon the first encounter.

Additionally, it’d be interesting if ankle/deep concealment holsters were not taken into account, to allow for the potential of hidden/holdout weapons, given the propensity of some NPC’s to strip you of obvious weapons on occasion. However, I don’t know how difficult that’d be to implement from a coding perspective, and further nuance to NPC interactions would be required to fully realize the potential there.

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