NPC with infinite Molotovs

So, I recruited this NPC. I took all his Molotov Cocktails away. I told him not to use ranged weapons or throw grenades. Assigned him a seat in my death mobile, and set him to guard.

(BTW, Thank you for allowing NPC’s set to Guard mode to just stay in their seat!!!)

Anytime we get close to a monster, he somehow manages to spawn a molotov cocktail in his inventory and throw it. Usually on top of me.

What the heck?


Npc’s don’t need ammo. Presumably once it was decided he had moltovs available there is no way to stop him from moltoving every turn like a moltov machine gun. Npc’s don’t need to aim either so they can really machine gun all to hell with any weapon with near perfect accuracy faster then any player can. Makes gunfights pointless. Npc’s still have a lot of work to be done yet.


Wait, what? Are you sure?

Best way to reload your crossbow bolts is have an npc load them up with ammo and a crossbow, take away the bolts and collect magic ammo as they shoot things.

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I know there is some kind of bug with NPCs where sometimes they just reset out of the blue and spawn in all their original items but keep the current weapon they are wielding. Everything else previously in their inventory is deleted. I’ve seen this happen in my current game many times already as well as previous games (other worlds). The one type that usually does is the one who has a molotovs, flamethrower, dynamite, pipe bomb, matchbook, refillable lighter, pair of fingerless gloves, etc. Strange thing is after he resets and you take all those spawned-in items away, ‘t’ rade with him again and he spawns in all those items again minus 1 item. So eventually he stops spawning them when you ‘t’ rade with him long enough. I just delete all those items since it seems cheaty at that point.

Another bug with NPCs is they reset their sleeping schedules. Eg. You tell them to ‘sleep when they’re tired’ but then they reset to ‘stay awake.’

So yeah there are some issues with NPCs that’s why I only give them food and water and no important items to keep. Strangely enough they keep all the armor you give them after they reset.

I’m seeing something different in my game. I gave my ranged NPCs each a large shiver with 60 steel crossbolt bolts in it and a pnuematic bolt driver /w 8 bolts. When they runs out of those bolts they usually switch to a melee weapon in their inventory or use their helmet as a melee weapon. Never seen bolts/arrows magically appear. Perhaps that’s a game setting?

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Perhaps. Might be tied to NPC needs being off or something or some outdated mod doing weird things or it got fixed since I last had a character that wasn’t get shot by npc’s rather then helped by them. That was pre 0.D. Got me a whole lotta crossbow bolts though, not that it helped against a day 14 or so hulk.

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