Can i plant a tree?

I want to plant a pine tree,if it possible?

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Pretty sure you can’t.
Also :

When grown for sawing timber, pine plantations can be harvested after 30 years, with some stands being allowed to grow up to 50 […]
A 30-year-old commercial pine tree grown in good conditions will be about 0.3 m (1.0 ft) in diameter and about 20 m (66 ft) high. After 50 years, the same tree will be about 0.5 m (1.6 ft) in diameter and 25 m (82 ft) high, and its wood will be worth about seven times as much as the 30-year-old tree.

Wikipedia says that you’ll probably never be able to, as 30 years is (I think) out of the scope of the game.

Unless a mod adds Fast Growing Tree.

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You can’t plant one directly, buuuuuut some artifacts and a certain enemy, the Triffid Queen, can spawn trees directly, so if you’re after infinite wood those are the way to go.

There is an abandoned PR for growing trees -

So if i read that PR correctly, it would be allowed along the lines that some accelerant/fertilization was used, and it took 6 to 10 game years for maturation/harvest?

But it involved diving into the C++ and as such, was basically abandoned at the time by the OP? Sometimes reading those things confuse me. Prolly just me tho.

If you want something that grows fast and can be used like wood you should go with bamboo. Honestly it would be a great thing to use as fire fuel, material for charcoal, food and (with a bit more work) even planks (2x4s) of “wood”.
The fastest growing kind of bamboo grows +1m PER DAY

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This is amazing! Finally a good way to build a base from scratch!

don’t forget that crop growth is calculated when the plant enters the reality bubble. So you’ll need to leave and return for growth.

I assume that you have enough forests to provide you with timber, which means that you are probably looking for trees that produce something besides logs, such as maple syrup, nuts, or fruit. Yes?
Growing fruit trees from seed takes 5 to ten years at minimum.
There’s an easier way. What we need is a way to transplant young trees. You can do it with older trees too, but they take longer to recover and they don’t recover as well and you need heavier equipment because older trees weigh more, take up more space, and need to be transplanted with a larger root ball.
Young trees can produce fruit in as little as a year or two.
We also need map templates (not sure what the preferred term is) for orchards that have already been planted. Maybe they already exist, maybe not.

Edit: Next day I found an orchard. So yes, they are already there.

Ummm… true but not really useful. While there are varieties of bamboo that are suited for most temperate climates, the fastest growing varieties are tropical IIRC, and definitely not well suited to growing in New England.

Unless we have also had climate change to the point that we get tropical weather in Boston. Based on the the temperatures that I’m seeing in spring, I don’t think that that happened.

Maybe we have a mutant strain of bamboo that’s popped up?

Johnny Appleseed approves of this.

Apple trees are actually a sprig from another apple tree grafted to a sapling. That is so the same fruit can bear each orchard. Apples not grown in this way will be a different apple with just about every tree.

I’d love to be able to plant or dig up and transplant trees, like fruit trees or maple trees. Useful for players who are hitting the endgame and have become well equipped enough that it would take extreme carelessness or bad luck to kill them, and are likely to survive for an extended period.

Something else that would be cool would be planting mutated trees or perennial plants for defensive purposes. A hedgerow of carnivorous plants around the outside of your palisade wall or something.

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This would also be a really cool thing to incorporate into that vehicle crane flat bed discussion we had a while back. It would be really amazing if those guys could add a function to dig up a tree with the chance of killing it. Then toss it onto the flatbed or whatever they make in order to transport it and re-plant it.

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But,when i harvest a pine bough is the pine bough will spawn again on that tree?or just one time harvest?

I think it regenerates next season, like bushes and fruit trees.

Okay,thanks for all the reply:))