Do trees grow back?

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Currently no terrain ever recovers from its state.

It wouldn’t be very hard to write some sort of natural regrowth kind of a thing, but the problem with trees is that they don’t just randomly in the fields, so there must be some way to tell if a given spot should be considered for tree regrowth.

The easiest way to do that would be to have a note which kind of overmap terrain supports which kinds of plants and try to regrow those.

Also, young trees maturing isn’t exactly trivial either, as terrain (tree is a terrain) doesn’t store any information other than what type it is.

Thanks for the answer although I didn’t just mean trees that you might cut down but also stuff like picked pine trees and similar trees.

Picked pine trees wouldn’t be hard, though at the moment they’re supposed to be killed by the picking. Same for oaks.

Okay just wanted to understand how it works better. Thank you

I would like it if players could plant trees if automatic regrowth is a bit tricky. Of course this would only matter to players with characters that live extremely long or play with really short seasons but I still would like to plant my own trees

Growing tree from seed is not realistic, but transplanting from branch is probably feasible.

The regrowth isn’t as hard as tree growing from “young” to “adult”.

The regrowth isn’t as hard as tree growing from “young” to “adult”.[/quote]
Why can’t we just use the same code that is used for farming?

I think there was a mod for planting trees. Maybe it was one of the japanese mods.

Well, technically we could.
I don’t like the farming code, but it could be repurposed for trees.

I’d be happy with being able to re-plant trees, even if they take a LONG time go grow, even years!
Or even given some reason that makes them grow faster than usual, some sort of special fertiliser you find in the Science Labs for example, developed just in case the world became inhospitable for human life, possibly even some be able to make yourself provided you’ve got high enough skills.

The thought that trees just won’t ever return just doesn’t sit quite right with me.