Making new trees?

I haven’t seen an option for it, or seeds for it per se, and I don’t think my pinecones work, but I wanted to know if there was somewhere in the game that I’m missing, the ability to plant new trees, especially any that fruit of course. If not, I wonder if it’s planned?


It is not possible to plant trees and unlikely to get implemented considering how long it takes trees to grow. I believe it would relatively trivial to actually add the feature but I doubt many survivors would be willing to wait years for their orchard to grow.


I had a feeling that would be the case, though I’m willing to wait years!


It’s been brought up in the past in this PR

Honestly, the long timescale makes it a more attractive option.
“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”
But instead, it’s hope that another survivor might enjoy the bounty. There could even be a Johnny Appleseed type NPC working on a walled orchard…


Surely they’d have to have gone mad after the cataclysm hit, maybe they’d be irrationally hostile in defense of their orchard, with tree(?) accelerating growth material stored away.


If not that, then fungally insane, Johnny Mycusspore! I’m very much favor of more crazy survivor content. (I added landmine toilet house)


We’re starting to look at events that will happen 1-2 years post cataclysm, and as player bases expand in utility I think longer playthroughs are going to become more common. It’s probably about time for tree planting to be a thing.

In particular, not just planting from seed but planting from saplings. There should be countless garden and home improvement centers with stocks of saplings that will gradually die off if not planted, and saplings could spawn occasionally in the wild.

A peach tree can produce fruit three years after planting from seed. That’s not impossibly long in game terms


There is actually a way to grow trees via the artifacts I understand. Right?

Triffids exist, maybe add a drop that accelerates growth for trees (with a chance in accidentally making a hostile triffid)?

And plant mutants could use their nutrition to boost tree growth (unlike the triffid version, this might spawn a friendly, kinda like how slime mutants can. Maybe even a plant NPC, not just a simple mob?)

Basically how the Blob increases healing speed, so triffids (and plant mutants, because you pretty much use triffid parts in plant mutagens) might be able to speed up plant growth.

I don’t think triffids would or should drop something like that.

I could see it being something a player lab could research.

I would actually love to see some recipes and such that require research and not just gained from reading books. This seems like a good first candidate.

I guess that is better. Tbh anything that makes triffids more useful is welcome.

I know Triffid Queens force all kinds of vegetation to grow wherever they go. If they ALSO spawn fruit trees, you could lure one into a bear trap or something, then drag it to wherever you want your orchard. Let it chase you around for a bit, spawning trees, then retrap it, cut down the unwanted trees, and repeat the cycle until you have enough of the type of trees you want.

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A quick check shows that the queen’s “growplants” ability only spawns plain trees, no fruit trees. :frowning_face:

I would in fact say that the queen should be spawning alien trees rather than t_tree anyway. Triffids aren’t mutant earth plants, they’re extradimensional monsters that resemble plant life.

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If we’re going by book lore they’re actually genetically modified by the Russians and cultivated for oil. I don’t know if the game lore is established as counter to this, but I never found anything that differed from the books otherwise.

I’m sure that could be changed with a bit of tinkering of the game files. Though I agree with @Erk that it should be spawning xenoflora, or heavily mutated/hybridized terran flora rather than just plain trees.

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We’re not going by the book, they’re an extradimensional plant-like alien named after the book because that’s what angry carnivorous trees make people think of.

I guess that can justify the removal of the fluid sac item. It still makes me sad though.