Seatbelts (0.5)

I’m still rather new here, so maybe i’m missing something. But:

driving offroad i noticed that when the car gets into a skid at medium to high speeds, i’m constantly thrown off the vehicle. the seat has a seatbelt (in perfect condition) attached - is that a bug, or is my CDDA character just one of those “they cost more lives than they save” guys that dont put seatbelts on?

Bug (as percieved by me): Installed and working seatbelt should prevent character from falling off the vehicle - but doesnt.

I never wear a seatbelt and have never been thrown out of a vehicle. Well I shouldn’t say that… I only get thrown from vehicles if I run straight into a building at 50+ mph… I get carried away sometimes running over zombies sometimes and don’t pay attention :confused: