I thought they have long arms - the range of shocker or spitter. I saw a lone grappler grazing on the vast grassland of New England after rain, and approached with care.

And it grabbed me, only when we were one tile apart! The grappler’s arms aren’t any longer than your knife spear.

grabber or grappler ?
there’s a difference.
and yeah, they have super long arms, you judt didn’r get lucky. they usually grab me from like, six or so tiles away


6 tiles? I have to test again!

I tested, and it really just grabs from 2 tiles away.

..... .@... ..... ...Z. .....

I’ve had a really upsetting experience with them. I was driving along when one pulled me out of my car, ending my game instantly.

Yeah, I’ve had that happen before, which is why I always make my vehicles 5 tiles wide with the seat in the middle.

However, I THOUGHT this had been fixed, to where they couldn’t grab you through impassible tiles anymore. Did you have the door open or something like that?

Yeah, left the door open.