[Suggestion] Campfires?

A great thing for camping in the woods that won’t set the surrounding place on fire. Would use the construction menu and be made of about… ten(?) rocks. Functions similarly to a wooden stove or a fireplace, but will give off smoke. Not as much as the brazier, though. Also would stop the fire spreading to other tiles, so would be safe to use inside.

Yeah, a camp fire isn’t a great thing to be using inside a house, but I’ve seen many people stack a few things around a space and toss in some wood then light it. In a house.

Don’t ask me why that happened. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, what are the floors in cata made of? Wood? Carpet?

I assume they are made of "GenericFlamableConstructionSubstance"™

You can already make a fireplace out of… 40 rocks I think?
I’m all for this, still!

40 takes a while to accumulate, even with auto pickup.

I think somewhere along the lines of 5-10 rocks would be reasonable for Cata rocks, though a real campfire with only 5-10 wouldn’t be much help.