Fire pit/Campfires?

As it stands if you want to build a contained fire in CDDA you can either look for 30 rocks, and build a nice stone fireplace, or a metal tank and a pipe, and make a simple metal box with fire in it. However, if you’re out in the middle of the woods, and need a fire to cook your dinner by, or just stay warm, you’re kinda left with making a gigantic bonfire that’s going to get out of control two ticks later.

In an attempt to avoid that fate, I tried digging a small pit for my fire, that did nothing, smoke and a giant fireball. So what I’m asking, is for a way to build a campfire, something on-par with a fireplace or wood stove, but can only be built outdoors. Or just a tweak to the ‘small pit’ tile so that it can perform the function of a fire pit.

Dig a deep pit or just don’t place fires where they can spread.

Deep pit has the flag that prevents spreading (or at least it had it a month ago).

Shame I still can’t figure out how the hell GitHub really works. Rather than put in a deconstruct thing, you can just whack it and get your rocks back. Not as efficient as a brazier, but it only needs a digging stick (survival 1) and rocks to pull off.

Also, I haven’t tested it to make sure I didn’t screw something or other up yet - that’ll have to wait until I get home.

{ "type" : "furniture", "id" : "f_firepit", "name": "fire pit", "symbol": "0", "bgcolor": "brown", "move_cost_mod": 0, "required_str": -1, "flags": ["TRANSPARENT", "CONTAINER", "FIRE_CONTAINER", "PLACE_ITEM"], "bash": { "str_min": 1, "str_max": 1, "sound": "crash!", "sound_fail": "whump!", "items": [ { "item": "rock", "amount": 8, "minamount": 8} ] } },{ "type" : "construction", "description" : "Build Fire Pit", "category" : "FURN", "difficulty" : 0, "time" : 5, "qualities": [ [ { "id": "DIG", "level": 1 } ] ], "components" : [ [ [ "rock", 8 ] ] ], "pre_special" : "check_empty", "post_terrain" : "f_firepit" }

shallow pit works too

It looks like it’s only the regular pit.

// If the flames are in a pit, it can't spread to non-pit bool in_pit = (ter(x, y) == t_pit);

.However e probably don’t have a fire pit because we don’t really need them. I mean grass tiles will never catch fire so you can just carelessly start cooking in open terrains, and if you are in a forest its just easier to smash the brushes and young trees nearby the fire place for extra wood.

Having grass catch fire doesn’t seem like a good idea either. “Throws molotov cocktail, whole world is engulfed in a flame inferno”

But what if I want to set the world on fire? (and not just start a flame in your heart)
[size=4pt]Just in case nobody got that…[/size]

<3 Ink Spots.

I like the ideas.

Something that explicitly has fuel counter that is obscured-visible to the player (“Only glowing embers remain”, “The fire is raging out of control” and the like instead of “Fire has 2 hours 5 minutes left”) and can be reliably refueled and reignited would be great.

Actually, having permanent fixtures (woodstove, fireplace, and possibly buildable “bonfire” or something) all show the fire count instead of guessing how much is left and for how long the damn thing’s gonna burn would be great.

On that point, split log fires: wood cutting/wood sawing + log = “unlit fire log”, light it and it becomes a temporary, but non-spreading fire source (unless you stick it into something flammable, aka share a tile between the log and the fuel).