Camp expansions Room?

It keeps saying that you need more room for camp expansions but i have no idea what it means when it is saying that.

All adjacent overmap tiles should be fields in order to build expansions in them.

Also, they have to be actual fields, not pseudo-fields. The fields inside a ranch’s barbed wire aren’t technically fields even though they show up as fields on the overmap.

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So I wouldn’t be able to clear a section of forest to work for that, makes my little commune in the woods idea bust. Guess I could build near the forest.

it’s encouraged
a river is also encouraged as is (for some reason) a swamp

Lategame industry. Infinite salt, useful stuff like that.

didn’t think you could send them to scav salt

It’s simply not implemented, we could possibly add an action to turn a tile into a field, or auto-detect that an area is “clear enough”.

Was wondering why I couldn’t set up inside the wire of my ranch base. Thanks.