Faction Camp Expansion Deforestation

So simply put, If I wanted to build a faction camp within a evac shelter; Would it be recommended to only build one with fields surrounding it, or could I build one with forests/roads/swamps surrounding it, A still be able to make all the necessary expansions to it?

If you have one that is surrounded by fields (and only a single road tile), I’d suggest to take that one.
You can use the Cut logs or Clear a forest jobs in the camp to free up surrounding forest and - to my knowledge - swamp overmap tiles, but it will take some time.

I might be mistaken, but I don’t think you can expand onto a road overmap tile (as it only seems to allow field tiles) and you can’t clean it up. So if there are more than 1 road overmap tiles adjacent (diagonal directions included), you will not be able to build all the camp extensions.

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Right, So even if I could clear away the forests, I’d still be down one tile in terms of expansion. So it may be better just to stick with a field faction camp than a Evac one.

If there are two roads (or more) and you want to have all expansions, then yes.
A single road is fine (as “no road” evac shelters don’t exist to my knowledge) but might be rare, as there are only 7 expansions.

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If there are only 7 expansions, then the Evac would be viable to max the faction camp then. Plus, beginning with an already built area should be a good head start.

It looks like there are only 7 (unless you start your camp in a mansion), and they indeed all require a field overmap tile.
Here’s a readable list based on the code of the currently available extensions: "Farm", "Garage", "Canteen", "Livestock Area", "Central Storage Building", "Saltworks Area" and "Fabrication Workshop".

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There are only 7 distinct expansions, but it’s possible to make multiple instances of the ones you have a use for and skip the one(s) you haven’t got a use for.

However, the faction base code ties expansion to beds, requiring you to have at least one bed more than twice the number of existing expansions to make a new one (15 beds to be able to start the 8.th expansion). It’s possible for a base camp JSON definition to circumvent that restriction (by setting the variable used to a sufficiently high value), but none of the currently approved base camps do that, as far as I know, so check any base camps for its maximum number of beds before you draw any conclusions about expandability.

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If we are using a basecamp like the EVAC shelter, could we expand into the basement or roof. Say creating beds and more within the basement; Or would these not be counted by the faction camp system?

As far as I understand, expansions can only go into the 8 surrounding tiles at the same Z level. However, I think some base camps using existing buildings do add things on different levels within the base camp itself (i.e. the “main” part).

Note that the game isn’t that great at dealing with the Z level, with functionality being added gradually (zones, for instance, are restricted to work on a single level), and you can’t really build vertically either (preexisting buildings can obviously have multiple stories).

Beds are counted by the faction base system only when constructed according to the camp construction orders, so if the base camp designer managed to order construction in a pre-existing basement, or even order the digging of one, beds constructed in the process ought to count. However, it may be untested whether companions allocated to the camp are capable of assigning themselves to beds on a different Z level.

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Right, so there may be potential problems with using the basement. I may just stick with keeping NPC beds (and other furniture) on the surface, and maybe convert the basement into an area for personal projects.

Potential problems, yes. I haven’t done anything with base camps in preexisting locations, which is why I try to emphasize my lack of knowledge.

Eventually, however, someone should explore the possibilities…

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Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping to do. Don’t have a lot of experience with Faction camps, so it’s going to be a lot of trial and error from here on.