I can not create a faction camp

Hi. I would to create my own faction camp, but it does not work for me. I found two prisoners at the military outpost, I released them and they became companions. During the dialogue with them, I have the line “Talk about the camp”, but I do not have the line for creating the camp. I play for “military cyborg” with scenario “helicopter crash”. What is my problem?

Make sure you’re standing in an empty field

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You only get that line if you’re standing in a valid location, which must be an actual “field” and not a pseudo-field like the ranch fields.

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Thank. And really I tried to create a camp in pseudo-fields.

We would like to loosen that restriction at some point, it’s all very work-in-progress right now.

How do you tell if it is a pseudo field? I tried to test it out in my game and I can’t see the option to start a base. I tried many different spots in fields.

Basically, any “field” that is within the boundaries of a mapgen special - like the ranch fields or farm fields - doesn’t count. Any random field in the wilderness, not near anything else except forests or swamps should do.

You also need two followers, because the current structure requires a camp manager and a worker.

Oh my issue was because I only had one follower at the time.

I didn’t even know this was a thing! But removing that restriction seems like a really good idea since I currently have a nicely fortified mansion that Is prefer to be my faction ‘camp.’
I might have noticed that by now but it seems that RNG just really doesn’t feel like spawning wandering NPCs despite my seemingly high NPCs spawn rate setting. Oh well, at least I learned this was a thing!

Working on all that, but the code was a mess and there’s still a huge amount of infrastructure I need to write.

I’ve got an EXTREMELY cozy underground military bunker with an autodoc that I’ve been living in/adding on to, which is just begging to be made into an actual camp. I am eagerly awaiting your camp update.

So I am guessing that “a field” is specific to certain map areas?

As a opposed to a more generic “any open space”?

If you go to the overmap and look at a tile that is marked (at least for me) with a brown ‘.’ then it should say that that is a field.

Once you have two and get a camp upgraded highly you can send out a NPC to search for other NPC’s, which is how I’ve gone from two to six. Also you can recruit one at the refugee center.

Intriguing idea. So a “Base” has to be a specific marked area the game will recognize.

I pose this question to the devs. Would a different approach make the Base idea more or less complicated:
Building without a specific location being required and allow NPCs to perform functions around totems or key objects. The player can add as much or as little to that spot as they like without hindrance of specific requirements, beyond those anchor object.


I choose any location I want to settle. I then add an “anchor object” such as a Lab Table. Now any NPC with science level intelligence or skills can acknowledge this object and work in a radius of it.

I tell an NPC “Guard this area”. That tile he/she is on is now an invisible Anchor Object and they will either patrol or use that area to return to after battling enemies.

So instead of programming every nuance that a base would have. The more open approach seems easier. New NPCs and objects anywhere the player assigns. As opposed to specific plots.

Am I wrong?

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I didn’t write the code and I don’t like how it was written. But it is the base camp infrastructure that exists, and I can only tell people how it works now while I work toward changing it.

My long term goal is that you can take over existing buildings and update stuff in the order you want, but as I said upthread, “the code was a mess and there’s still a huge amount of infrastructure I need to write.”

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Wasn’t a criticism mate. Thank you for working on it. Also the info. I look forward to what it changes into =)

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