C:DDA Extra Professions (& Gears... ;) )

Would it be possible to update this to the latest experimental?

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Is it broken? Any errors duribg game start/load?

Unfortunately yes. Multiple errors in armor_tools and tools files means the game will not load with this amazing mod enabled. Seems to be the change in code syntax, mostly converting { to [ as well as use actions that are no longer supported such as "use_action: “knife” ".

Sounds like you have an idea on how to update it already. Editing JSON isn’t too hard, so you can hopefully fix it yourself and share the results via github. We’ll be happy to answer any specific questions you have.

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Latest mod version (C:DDA Extra Professions (& Gears... ;) )) does not show any errors during game loading.

C:DDA Extra Professions & Gears fixed not to raise exceptions in Experimental 8230 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/mn9bdz7j097mull/ZSFixed_CDDAXP_2018-11-29.zip?dl=1

I fixed this to work with the latest experimentals. If you guys are okay with me posting the fix here, I can.


if you would that would be awesome

I’d be a fan. I do genuinely love this mod, especially when I want to actually do city playthroughs.

You should this mod is great

It was fairly easy. You just have to get rid of the byproducts from disassembling since the recipe could be reversed cleanly. Meaning if it was allowed through, you could duplicate items really easily and get free leather. The exception handler caught it and causes the game to fail to load.


Is there anyone maintaining this mod separately to run with the new versions or is it dead?