XStuff [0.7.1]

XStuff is a mod that adds in some items (mostly combat oriented, but also just some simple tools and whatnot), and that also has some of the professions from XProfessions

The gist of this mod is that there’s no real theme, it’s just adding in a lot of stuff that pops into my head. Give me an idea and I’ll try to implement it.

So, what’s new here? XStuff adds the following items:

Nail notebook
Nail ball
Sawn-off shotgun barrel
Nail shotgun
Nail shot
Aluminum nail bat
Modular helmet
Motorcycle armor
Motorcycle pants
Motorcycle boots
PVC pipe
PVC shards
E&T shirt
E&T pants
Chitin sword
PVC Spear
IP X-32
Spiky chitin sword
Bone dagger
Spiky bat
Bladed bat
Face rags
Bone bat
Small Crowbar
Survivor Crowbar

XStuff adds these professions:

Race Car Driver
Megaman Wannabe
Power Plant Worker
Bionic Boxer
Bionic Guard
Average Joe

Download for 0.B dev: Up to date.
Download for 0.B stable:Outdated, but still usable for 0.B stable. Please note that this is version 0.6.3 and is out of date, but still works for 0.B stable versions.
Or, just go and browse the Github repo

I always want suggestions (Okay, not always, but most of the time)! If you suggest something to me and I implement it, You will be given credit in the form of a “token”. It doesn’t do anything, but states your name and a reference to what you suggested. There may also be some tokens that I add just for fun.

=Notes about 0.6, 0.6.1, 0.6.2, 0.6.3 releases=
*Many, many professions removed. I only kept the ones that I felt were unique enough to warrant keeping.The professions have all undergone some changes to be better balanced.
*No more houses. I concluded that they were not conducive to playing in their current state and needed to be removed until future notice.
*The Checklist.ods file has a list of all items, tokens, and professions in this mod. Use it as a quick reference if you need to.
*We are currently knee deep in rebalancing. Tell me if you think something’s off with point costs for professions.

=Notes about 0.7 release=
*0.B Stable is no longer supported. XStuff 0.7 now only supports 0.B development vesions. This is to make the transition to 0.C easier


Ooohh? Like “I like it” ooohh, or a “This is weird” ooohh?

Ooohh? Like “I like it” ooohh, or a “This is weird” ooohh?[/quote]

IME Ninja likes these sort of improvised weapons. I’m not yet sure if it’s good for mainline, but I think Ninja approves.

I like the improvised stuff a lot!


Thanks for all the positive reception. I found a few bugs and am working on quashing them.
For the next release, I’m trying for some armor and stuff. Hint: Moar nail stuff!

Nice im willing to wait for the next update…wait…presure nail rifle

nails will be nice ammo for pepole what do not build too much things

That, and I found that over time, I accumulated a HUGE storage of nails. Use them for stuff!

In any event, updated to version 0.2. Added some armor gear and PVC pipe (To be used in the future).

Updated! See first post for what’s new!

Wow, was just looking at this.


[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:12, topic:6657”]Wow, was just looking at this.

Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss! The chitin sword. Because insects.

Can we get a chitin sword with bee stingers attatched? Kinda like the nord but tons more damage

Spiky Chitin sword. :wink:

Might as well stuff in some requests.

Bone dagger. Sharp, not sturdy.
Spike bats. Bigger than nails, more like a flail.

And finally, BLADE BAT. Maybe saw the bat down some, stick a machete up top. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

Wow, some of those professions are way out of spec. Roleplayer is -3 points? No addiction, two points in social skills, decent clothes, and a pocketknife, and it gives you more points than the Tweaker, who has a pair of pants, an undershirt, and a massive amphetamine addiction? You’ve got a bunch of -2 professions in there, but I’m pretty sure nothing without an addiction or some broken bionics should be lower than -1, and honestly Roleplayer looks like a +0 to me. On the other side of the coin, there’s the Bartender, who’s almost exactly like the fast food cook but with no knife, and costs 1 point to the fast food cook’s 0.

(Also I think it’s weird that the Mega Man Wannabe was willing to give up his left hand and thus his ability to play Mega Man games. But that’s just fridge logic.)

Also, a couple of your houses have only one bathroom, which you have to go through the master bedroom to reach. And some have no bathroom sink. Not a gameplay issue, but it’s architecturally weird.

It’s a mod that’s not all too serious, calm down a bit.

Once I get a chance, I’ll get to work on some of the item requests. Thanks for the ideas!

I’ve been meaning to rebalance the professions. It should be in a future update. No clue when, though. :-/

Ain’t that the truth. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Unfortunately, it appears that it will be a while until an update is out. My apologies.

What professions? Where?

This is bascily Enke’s old mod XProfessions with fancy new stuff added to it
with an other fancy name to it ;-))))