Bunch of bugs


  • when i tried to reload a fully loaded American-180 i got “Out of .22 LR” message while there are hundreds in my inventory. It should be give an already fully loaded message.
  • i found a chloroform soaked rag debug item in a veterianian clinic safe. Also a triffid antidote, triffid neutralizer and a pocket ball (PK_rebalance mod). I don’t think they should be available in a pre-cataclysm safe.
  • Kel-Tec KSG effective recoil is 2500. Is this intended?
  • Repairing a grey heavy duty frame on a SWAT truck where is also a door, make that tile not passable, i can open the door but can’t leave the vehicle. if i remove the door and install it again, i can leave the vehicle.
  • My contact lenses are expired so my “vision starts to blur” while sleeping.


  • If i have 2 plastic bottle of clean water (1), i can’t unload one of them to pour the water into the other one. I think the water is poured back into the original bottle.
  • Is shooter’s earmuffs working? I still can get impared hearing debuff when it is turned on.
  • windbreaker is keep us dry and warmer than raincoat?
  • I found a gel razor (living blob weapon) on the gardening supply shelf. (Blaze mod)
  • the “Biodiesel: Renewable Fuel Resource” book level your mechanic to 6, but contain a recipe biodisel which needs cooking level 6.
  • Shooting four times with a SVS-24C drops 400 6.54x42mm casing.


  • butchering a broken eyebot crash the game.
  • I can’t drop my RM11B scout rifle to the empty floor (or any other tile) with the AIM because the “destination area is full”. If i drop it with the normal inventory menu then it’s gone. I can drop other items without problem.
  • In the lab there is a type of room where we can find crates behind two metal doors. They are not openable with the mechanical winch anymore.
  • How is the warmth calculation working? I exploring a cold lab and if i going up, my character feels less cold on the same level than before while the temperature is the same. For example on the level -2 the temperature is -49 Celsius the my mouth is cold, on the level -3 it is -67 C and most of my body parts are freezing. If i going back to -level 2, i feel comfortable. If i standing on the level -3 after a while most of my body parts temperature are green except the mouth and the hands, they are the least protected. It is a bug or the character burns more calories to stay warm?

PK mod changes spawn lists and doesn’t care much about realism.

Temperature shown isn’t the temperature you have, but the change in temperature. If your temperature is high, you will feel more cold, but will not receive cold status until it drops to cold temperature.


  • Mechanical winches are probably universally broken. They don’t work in fire stations either.
  • Cash cards spawn either with 0 or max credits.
  • All lighters spawn with full 100 charges.

I can replicate the casing bug in Icecoons Weapons. It looks like the game is spawning full stacks due to the change in how the game counts casings. The game no longer specifies the amount of cases at the item level; it now sets the amount at item_group. I have updated it in a recent PR.

The KSG underbarrel magazine doesn’t work well with the recoil system, since it has a weight of 0.00. The magazine is actually an underbarrel shotgun with identical stats, except weight, volume.

Dividing gun weight equally between the second magazine and the gun appears to fix the problem. Correction: it sets the magazines’ recoil to 317 and the guns’ to 206.

Correction correction: GIGO. It works. Set the weight of each to 1550.

The AUG and SKS are also disappearing from the world. The KSG and combination guns are unaffected. Coolthulhu has a fix available.

Mechanical winches work in 5814

Bork bork, your ammo doesn’t play well with others so I’ve noticed. Anything you can do about making it play nice with Icecoons and Gunpowder mods?

As is I just delete it from the start =/

Which ammo?