Bunch of bugs and gameplay problems

Version: Several in the past month, now Build 7044.
OS: Win 7
no horde, NPCs on

Small ones:

  • ballistic glasses are clothes, they should be armor.
  • Advanced electronic cigarette is a tool while cigarette and electronic cigarette are drugs.

Annoying ones:

  • pipe bomb is disappear if not blow up just “fizzed out”.
  • try to reload tailor kit without thread gives: “Out of !”
  • I was reading a book in the dark night at dome light, when there was several crashing sounds. I stopped to read, turned on my flashlight and saw zeds bashing my car to pieces. A “you hear a crash! Stop reading? (Y/N/I)” would be nice.
  • You can use military card on a bunker console when the doors are already open and get the same opening message and the card is lost.

Strange ones:

  • Night if i turn on the car dome light, the FOV decreasing with one (from 10 to 9). If i turn it off it will be 10 tile again
  • In lab the CBM computer lists all CBMs on the level, also i have to hack only on computer to open all of them on that level.
  • I met a Moose in a mansion basement. I hit it twice with my baseball, but its status remained “tracking”…
  • I found a Dairy farm twice and the entrance was the opposite side (south) from the road (connected from north).
  • Hospital is a total mess, mix of house and hospital map tiles with a !lot! of zombies.


  • I think butchered Amigara horror corpse should be drops human meat.

  • Military bunkers are bad, there are rarely any worthy loot…

  • Forest should block FOV. I can see a mansion on the other side of a forest on the map.

  • Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 are exactly the same, except the shot capacity. Really, it is more a redundancy than an interesting difference.

  • IMHO, irradiation should not be seen in status.

  • I can read an Art and science of chemical warfare chapter in 6 minutes (fabrication 7) while lower level books is around 19 minutes per chapter.

  • History of firefighting also 6 mins per chapter (fabrication 9)

  • When read, books should be sorted by skill not by title. IMHO, nobody cares the title. :slight_smile:

  • low-grade methamphetamine on dead bodies is too frequent.

  • Military card is too rare.

  • Cleaner bot in the waste sarchophage blows up when destroyed. I think they should not.

  • Exploding boomer on window empty window can collapse the house…

  • Can’t cut with tailor kit if it has 0 thread.

  • There is a house with backyard, but the house has no door lead to it.

  • Moose (large animals) should attacks car when PC is inside. Now they just waiting for me while i reading my books and the game constantly interrupts me with warning messages. :)))

  • “You see the approaching! Stop reading? (Y/N)”. There should be an ignore monster, because it will pop up frequently, so i have to stop reading and ignore the monster.

  • Ruining your clothes with sewing is still bad. It just create more chores and annoy the player. Forget the rolling with dices, it should be can or can’t. Low but enough skill should just just use up more resources and time.

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Lights lowering FOV isn’t a bug, it’s a realistic feature. Your eyes adapt to the light and become worse at seeing in the dark.

The Advanced cigarette is a tool because, well, it’s a tool you use to vaporise nicotine liquid for smoking. And unlike the basic electronic cigarette, it can be refilled.

“Out of !” is a broader problem. That message appeared while reloading a gun.

BTW, it isn’t possible to turn on any lights using drive-by-wire controls.

Cannot confirm the hospital one beyond noting a huge 5x5 solid wall. The large bedrooms are for long-term treatment of patents after ER stabilization.

Any time a windowframe is destroyed, the house could collapse. Old flaw that needs fixin. Not supposed to be exposed in coregame however.

my broblams are some of the ones listed and that: zombies should not be able to climb/decend whit me while theyre not hunting or/and tiles whitout floor… also how does “tiles” work, bathrooms have no roof but therws no rain coming in!

Probably the roof tiles on current floor and z-level floor/roof tiles using different mechanics and are a different objects.
I mean even if there is no floor on upper z-level there still can be a roof on current level (obviously a bug).

I can confirm the hospital mapgen problem in a legacy experimental game. I fixed it manually by editing the overmap files.

Sorry, but i don’t understand it. I should try a newer version and newly created hospitals will be fine? Or i should delete my world to fix this problem?

The recent Mutations and Traits for NPC mods are not working. Even mutant NPC spawns without any traits, but adding an appropriate class via the debug works fine.