Bullet bonanza!

Eat this, Dum-dum!” – Joe-Bill Harrington

Why fight zombies with FMJ when you can modify your lovely bullets with a simple, found-in-just-about-any-garage, file and/or drill? Cut down on the armor piercing aspect to get a boost in stopping power! Go the extra mile with mercury tips. Fancy! Or try a flint tip setup if you happen to find a stash of Zippo lighters and enjoy fireworks.

“Them things’ll make your head go POP! SPLAT!” – Arnold Billy-Bob-Joe Neckerson Esquire

merely putting a hole in the end of a bullet doesn’t necessarily make them expand properly. There are also videos of people making imbalanced handloaded bullets to demonstrate the effects, quite amusing.

I suggest that it becomes “Improvised Hollowpoint” with slightly more damage than the FMJs, less AP, less accuracy.

Hollow points are hard, however dumduming and fiddling with shotgun shells is easy, if a little dangerous. Ive used dumdumed bullets and shotgun shells with spreaders in them (we used caps of test tubes, kicked the pattern out by about 20%). Wounds from dumdums are definitely ugly.

I’m really wondering why we don’t have incendiary shotgun shells yet.