Build 9612 broke all my mods!

Now that I’ve got your attention…build 9612, while very helpful going forward, is going to cause some headaches in the short term. If you updated to build 9612 and your mods are busted, post about it here along with any fixes you may have.
Lets use the discourse for non-mainline mod issues and I’ve made a generic catch-all issue on github for the mainline mods here:

edit: I closed the generic issue, I’ve been informed that I was using github incorrectly.
I suggest searching the existing issues for something similar and creating a new issue if you can’t find one that matches. Again, try to only post issues about mainline mods. Here’s the link to issues page:

A fix for the CRIT Expansion Mod is in there, though a PR isn’t up yet. Purge the bugs!

Edit: A PR that fixes several of the mainline errors is already in the works.

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It also breaks some saves without any mods at all - like mine, as the NPCs being saved were caught up in the strict enforcement.

For those of you that “might” still be running the Adurnsyl’s Assorted Arms and Armour mod then what needs to be done is find the 223.json and remove every instance of quotation marks around the number 140.
There is also a fix needed to be made to its gun.json in the books folder but all I could do to make it work was remove the parenthesis around the skills needed and remove one of the skills “skill”: [ “rifle”, “mechanics”,] ---->“skill”: “mechanics”, it doesn’t like the presence of the second skill for whatever reason but I hope this kinda helps P.S It broke my save so bad that it thinks the map is a lake?

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I…I don’t have that one. What madness is this…Can you share a copy or a link to the github? Thanks for sharing a fix for it as well, this is just what I want to see ITT. :slight_smile:

Uhhh I got the mod from YOUR old link but suurrre I’ll find it somewhere
Edit: At least I’m “fairly” certain it was yours… maybe its been awhile

Huh…maybe it’s in my repository. I couldn’t find it in my local archive, lol!

Do you want my hackjob of a fixed version or you want to find your own?

If you’ve got one that works on the latest experimental, I’ll take it! I’m sure whatever version I’ve got floating around in the ether is outdated by now.

To be fair the mod didn’t need to be touched till now so ehh also to be fair I’ve never actually shared a file for this so where exactly would be a good place to put it up?

I use my google drive for hosting files. But if it’s good up til now, don’t worry about it. I imagine you got it from my wandering updater thread for 0.C?

edit: ah, found it!

Indeed just if you can fix the gun.json better than I could I’d appreciate it.

Also a number of those old mods work but need some special touches to help

I’ll probably do an update thread like the last one eventually. I haven’t had the time or inclination to sit down and work on them for 0.D, I want to do it right this time and actually balance things somewhat. I’ll poke at what I’ve got once I can get my world to actually load again.

Just make sure the world isn’t a fake lake O.O

Fortunately/unfortunately all my survivors have died recently. I’ll probably just make a brand new world with the same mods. I feel bad for peeps who’ve got a lot of time invested in a survivor.

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Just posting here to say that build 9612 also gives me the lake error, and conspicuously made my NPC vanish, as well as rewriting my base camp as a lake, effectively deleting it.
(I should mention i am running with about 15 mods or so)

Speaking of faction camps, attempting to do any constructions gives me a cool Segmentation Fault. Given I don’t frequent the forums often, where is the correct place to report that?

It’s best to report an issue via github. Do a search first and make sure no one has reported a similar issue; if you find one, you can comment there if you have new information to share or a save game that provides a way to quickly reproduce it.
Cataclysm Issues Page Here:

My advice roll back to a previous backup IF you have one unless your backups work like mine which means they work 90% of 50% of the time

I’ve been waiting for 9614 to build so I can try that out, but unfortunately:

I guess I’ll wait for 9615 :confused:

edit: I closed the generic issue on github, I was using it incorrectly. OP is updated to show this and provides a link to the Cataclysm Issues page on github.

Ah, looking at the Git this was apparently fixed in 9611, and i’m on 9610. If only 12 and 13 didn’t turn the world into a lake :frowning: Guess i’ll wait until 9615 and hope that fixes it.