Build 9612 broke all my mods!

Isn’t that just peachy:

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I’m sure you know about this already dpwb, but I thought I’d let everyone know about this PR.

I’m not sure which build this will come along in. It was merged about 20 hours ago.

whispers to @Malkeus. what version are you using with less bugs?

How does one upload a fix for a mod? @Malkeus do you still have your mod fix thread up? Im pretty sure Wintertime classes was on there.
Ifixed the error on the one class.

I’m on 9625 now. I’ve not seen any segfaults or anything. I did spend about 30 minutes working through a few glitches that got caught up in the stricter json enforcement, but not nearly as many as I expected. I’m a bit rattled right now, I can’t recall exactly which ones. If you’re having an issue with any in particular let me know n I’ll see if i’ve got the fix.

got it. will not update for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’ve got a fix and it only involves one or two files, use pastebin and post the link here, clearly labeled so we know what’s what :wink:
My updater thread is still up, but I’ve unofficially capped it off with an upload of everything I ahd up to the point LUA got taken out. Just search for wandering updater n you should find it.

Error is as follows, removed quotes from 22_lr charges 50, updated file in patebin

ERROR : src/main_menu.cpp:738 [bool main_menu::new_character_tab()] Error: data/mods//SD_Winterclothes/winter_classes.json: line 280:36: Expected number

				{ "item": "sw22mag", "ammo-item": "22_lr", "charges": 10 },

				{ "item": "sw22mag", "ammo-item": "22_lr", "charges": 10 },

				{ "item": "22_lr", "charges": "
                                50" }, 10					{ "item": "cell_phone", "charges": 100 } 10
damnit sorry its 2:40 am and im screwing up everything

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I should clarify, the glitches were on 3rd party mods. Mainline is good to go and has been since about 9616 or so.

Nicely done! I tested this on build 9625 and found that it’s still using the old “ring” from before the jewelry update, so I fixed that as well as incorporating your fix, male survivors now get a “gold_ring” to melt down and fill cavities with or whatever one does with gold in the cataclysm.

Wintertime Classes: winter_classes.json
Incorporates nerosshadow’s fix from above and takes care of this error as well:

DEBUG : profession survivalist_SDWinter: item ring does not exist

FUNCTION : void profession::check_item_definitions(const itypedecvec&) const
FILE : src/profession.cpp
LINE : 253

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thank you. what build version do you recommend?

I’ve returned to my daily update schedule and all is right with the world. Honestly, I was expecting a lot more troubles to pop up in relation to that update. I was expecting to need to fix a lot more of my mods than I did and for people to have even more mods that needed fixing. I’m happy for the current situation though.

edit: I’m marking this as solved, but if anyone has any issues, I’m always around to answer questions.

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im glad to hear that. alright, downloading lastest build now and see what error i will get.