[Build #455] Cataclysm simply won't work!

[Build #455 - Dec 26, 2013 1:08:34 AM]
[Windows Graphical Experimental Build]
[Windows XP]

Hello, I have stopped playing cataclysm for a while but today I decided to return to it. I downloaded a the Build #455 and unzipped it to a brand new clean folder. Every time I try to run it I have a “Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library” error. It created a “Logg.txt” file on the folder after I had that error pop up. This is what’s written inside it:

Initializing SDL Tiles context
Attempting to Initialize JSON and TILESET path information from [gfx]
JSON path set to [gfx/HoderTileset/tile_config.json].
TILESET path set to [gfx/HoderTileset/hodertiles.png].
Attempting to Load JSON file
Tile Width: 16 Tile Height: 16 Tile Definitions: 1896
Attempting to Load Tileset file
Buffer Surface-- Width: 640 Height: 400
Tiles Created: 1744
Attempting to Create Rotation Cache

And another thing that’s noteworthy, when I try to run the stable release (0.9 Ma), it works perfectly… well, as perfect as it can get with the bugs on that release.

Could anyone help me?

Is it just the SDL version or does the classic (console) version crash as well?

Both experimental versions crash but The Console version doesn’t creates a log file.