[0.9-gf64ce72(Build #809 to #806)]Visual C++ Runtime Library error during launch

I was going to check what is going on in experimental versions, but came across this bug while trying to open game for first time:

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.
I was using Windows graphic builds, #809, #808, #807 and #806. All of them made radioactive shroom that crashed application even before reaching menu. (that is what i call cataclysm: shrooms for everyone :wink: )
Didn’t check previous versions.
System info: Win7 64bit
Content of logg.txt file left by #809 build:

 Initializing SDL Tiles context
Attempting to Initialize JSON and TILESET path information from [gfx]
	JSON path set to [gfx/HoderTileset/tile_config.json].
	TILESET path set to [gfx/HoderTileset/hodertiles.png].
Attempting to Load JSON file
Tile Width: 16 Tile Height: 16 Tile Definitions: 1896
Attempting to Load Tileset file
Buffer Surface-- Width: 208 Height: 400
Tiles Created: 1744
Attempting to Create Rotation Cache
Tiles initialized successfully.
Generating fontlist
mod_ui initialized

I think the problem in locale definition. Try to add/remove a environment variable LC_NUMERIC=en_US
(System Properties -> Advanced system settings -> Environment Variable)

Sorry for my bad english…

There was no such variable so i added it. Game still crashes while this variable is added. Either in user variables, system variables or when is present in both.
BTW, when checking new SDL build (#820, 0.9-g67ad6e) game crashes in same way.

Don’t worry about english, i bet mine is not perfect either :wink: