Bugs i found in the past month

I update daily so i have no proper version numbers.
Bug from the past month (from newest to oldest)

  • There is an anomaly in one of the surface room of a lab. It send electric bolts periodicly. The problem is the bolts goes through the wall like there is nothing.
  • Washing battery (filthy) (100) needs 100 water…
  • If i try to hit a hallucinated zombie with a long reach knife spear attack i just swing the air. I should hit it as usual.
  • I hit a hallucinated zombie next to me with my knife spear and my piercing level increased to 1! I think hallucinated enemies should not give experience. :slight_smile:
  • The static npc in the shelter killed an acid zombie and then just standing in the acid pool while his legs slowly melted away.
  • Lava should affect its surrounding, i saw a lava in a library without the expected effect.

Also i think hallucinated attacks should give some (imagenary) pain.

That’s a really dirty battery

I can’t speak to most of those things, but I agree that Lava shouldn’t be so innocuous. The PC can’t get within two or three tiles of it without burning, so it should be catching pretty much everything on fire. I hate when I find lava in an otherwise pristine building. =\

I found an area in a lab that had a fire, i rushed to go get a fire extinguisher only to find that the fire did not spread , produce smoke, could not be put out and could not be used for cooking. As if it wasn’t actually there. (expirimental)

I found a similar place in a lab, but no fire, and just smoke.

Agreed, I just passed a lava rift and it had a car sitting next to it, if anything the whole thing should be melting and burning.

The electric bolts was “real”, they went through the walls like there was nothing, but shock my toon when they reach him. Also there was another one in a lower level, i heard 2 explosions without the expected “you hear an explosion from…” messages. It turned out they was turrets got destroyed by the bolts.

Speaking of turrets, my lab had places where turrets should of been, with spent casings but no bodies and no turrets. Seemed buggy to me, also made my lab a lot easier.