Everburning Fires

Updated to 8667 and started a new game. Lab start, pretty bog-standard until I got up to the surface and noticed the huge fungal infestation surrounding everything. As anyone would do in this scenario, I immediately began lighting ablaze every patch of fungus within a three-block radius. Zombies died, fungaloids died, everybody was happy.

Only one problem; it has been three days and the fires have not even begun to cease burning, despite drizzles and rain.

All my stuff is still down in the lab in the basement, and I can’t go anywhere near the stairs until the fires die out. Is this a bug with fire or just the natural consequence of kneejerk pyromania? I have never seen a structure fire last quite this long before.

I lit some clothes and a corpse or butchery refuge on fire outside in the street and it’s been burning for like a in game week.

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Easily 2 things:

  1. Outside of Reality bubble, which is the most probable, so just stay within sight of it for a few days.
  2. Bodies burn for hours, at least around 5 or less hours, not sure about fungal patches though, that could easily be longer.

I would suggest finding a extinguisher, getting rid of the fire, run downstairs ASAP as the lab will most likely be on fire too if you have Z-Levels on, and grab any tools you might need, and get out ASAP and move miles away from that town/fungal spire

One problem you can run into with fungal patches is that if they are spawining too fast, they provide infinite fuel for fires.

Usually fungus tiles burn away quite rapidly, so this isn’t an issue - but if the current version either extends burn times or sped up fungal spread at all, it’s entirely possible that this tilted into ‘infinite inferno’ territory.

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Imagine how fun it would be to have a “Nomad” experimental Scenario where there is a fire constantly spreading around the world, preventing you from staying in a single place too long…

Yeah that would be cool…

Unlikely, considering the days I’ve already spent outside were within spitting distance. I slept two nights in the cop car between two of the burning buildings.

Extinguisher might be the only solution, or I can just write off all the stuff I collected and up stakes. That would suck.

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Maybe just pray for rain and hope a downpour dowses the fires.

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Updated and started a new game, lit a fire in a brazier and even that said it was too wild to know when it would go out. Dunno what the problem is, but I’m hoping a fresh install will sort things out.

I recently added this - which makes high winds make the fires burn hotter and spread in the wind direction, when the wind is strong.

I’m not sure this is the cause - fires that burn hotter should burn through their fuel quicker, so if anything, it would decrease lifespan of the fire…

It may just be the reality bubble thing, or the fungal spread giving it infinite fuel, or an unintended consequence, I will test.

Reinstalled from scratch and started a new lab start. So far fire seems to be working as intended. I’ll see if things change once I get to the surface.

The good news though is with this bug you could create your own Firestorm Wall.

1.) Remove the grass around your base, leaving a 2 wide rectangle of grass around it except for a few spaces for your entrance/exit.
2.) Optional: Add flammables to future Firestorm Wall tiles.
3.) Ignite Firestorm Wall.

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Yeah no wind underground, no fire amplifying.

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