Bugged Tanks and Armored Vehicles

So I’m taking over a bandit base. Humvees, a few tanks and also I think an APC?

Anyway. The short of it is this. Dudes packin M4A1 machine guns can shoot through the armor and also the armored window. Imagine my surprise when I’m being killed by some clown while chillin in a perfect condition tank. Also tested with a humvee.

The angles were not open. No open spots. Another NPC I walked up to. He was in the hummer driver seat. I shottem with a rifle(sorry forgot which one). Killed the guy in 2 shots. I know it would soak a few bullets in real life. The tank shouldn’t let any through the side panels at all. Something is amiss :zipper_mouth_face:


I’ve noticed this with zombies too, I can shoot things inside vehicles despite obvious barriers of complete walls/roofs, windows, closed doors, etc.

I can see high powered weapons going through a normal windshield, but not a bow, or a 9mm at long-ish ranges even.

might be recent versions? i remember at one point i build a mini buggy with plated quarterpanels and even those stopped some bullets (some still got through though)

Come to find out. I’m able to shoot through any reinforced glass with a rifle. I was in a lab and did it by accident. I was 2 rooms away and a critter was in a lab lock up behind glass. I didn’t notice as it was off screen and I shot it. Went closer and noticed I had been shooting through the reinforced glass the entire time. The glass seems to take a bullet if not shooting directly at a critter. NPC are not exempt as I shot through a hummer windshield and they shot me through the tank windshield.

So. Yeah. The reinforced glass seems the culprit.

The composite armor plating too? Or just the glass?

I’ve fallen asleep in the tank. No odd angles of entry and was woken up to have some rotten meatloaf gnawing on my knee caps plenty of times. Just happen in my last game. It tends to be normal zeds too.

The armored side. Sorry.

Sounds like the armor is missing any sort of damage threshold rating, to completely negate any damage thats below a given amount. IRL, you can punch a tank from now till the day you die and not even marr the surface.

And no, I don’t care that it’s a goo-zombie. They can be killed with a broom stick. It is not strong enough.

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Now a skeletal juggernaut or even a regular brute I can see. Even an acid type. But not the weaker types

I agree. May this will change if it hasn’t already. I’m waiting for the side screen thing to be cleaned up before I test out the latest version.

I can’t confirm this, what experimental are you on?
0.D.1376-g3ea7 here.

Sorry I responded in the wrong thread but on the same topic. reposting same thing here.

Thanks brother for testing all the same. I only see this effect when aiming at a creature/NPC.

Admittedly I play the hell out of a version to make sure the end areas are as good as the beginning. So I’m still around 8500 range. I know. Old. But gotta play test well or I feel like we get stuff wrong. Missing stuff too.

Anyway. Go find a lab and find those cage glass rooms. You know what I mean. =)

Target a mob inside and fire off some shots with various rifles. I was at a distance at first and then close up. My bullets went straight through to the target while you are correct. the 9mm turrest can’t for some reason. 9mm works? 556/308 and I think I had a Barrett ball as well. But I’m 100% positive the standard and AP for 556/308’s went through. I was like…dafuq? That went through? lol

Then I didn’t laugh when that NPC with the M4A1 shot me in the tank and I shot him in a new hummer.


nope, not damage. Both tank + hummer were 100% new. The labs I were in also untouched.

Okay, I tested further. The .50 BMG of the antimateriel turret will shatter the reinforced glass as it should. The milspec just bounces off, as does most other rifle rounds.
BUT a .30-06 rifle does pass clean through the reinforced glass wall without breaking it, just like you’ve experienced. I don’t think that’s supposed to happen, unless it’s supposed to be putting small holes in the glass without shattering it? Might make sense for stuff just below the .50 BMG in power, I guess?

An M1 Garand (a well known 30.06 rifle) is a far cry from the power a .50 bmg. So that shouldn’t be happening.

Why not? I don’t suppose the reinforced glass panels are THAT thick (1 tile thick). Reasonably thick reinforced glass panels can withstand many lead rounds, but they’ll do nothing against AP ones and high powered ones.
I’ll try and find a video for you.

I guess it depends of the type of material makes up the “glass”. If it’s ALON (transparent metal it’s a real thing) it’s .50bmg resistant at only 3 inches. Considering the level of tech in the game world, I wouldn’t discount it.

Found this one, yay! Unfortunately, the video itself is mostly just about shooting a bunch of simple lead at the glass pane. But even here we can see the difference between simple and AP round.

The glass in the video is also non-AP .50BMG resistant at around 3 inches (probably even a bit less). So not that much of a step up…

As a sidenote, that thing appears to be ceramic

ALON isn’t widely available IRL because of the cost of manufacturing. In the video, it’s likely some form of reinforced polycarbonate.

So anything new in this topic? Standard bullets/hand load/armor peircing is perhaps different? I only used armor peircing…soooo…not sure if glas was fixed or a bug that is considered a good thing?