TALON M202A1 shoots through reinforced glass wall without breaking it

I was shot by TALON M202A1 through reinforced glass wall. Incendiary rocket passed 2 reinforced glass tiles without breaking them. I think it is wrong, AFAIK only laser should be able to pass glass tiles.
I was expecting that rocket would explode on contact with the wall. Should I log an issue to change incendiary rocket behavior?

intended behaviour because <insert any bullshit “reason” here, like “bullets go through glass but it doesn’t shatter because it is a bulletproof glass”>

Intended-ish behaviour for smaller rounds (because we don’t have any sort of damage tracking that isn’t broken/not), probably shouldn’t be happening for rockets.

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well… to be fair, it is a 66mm rocket being shot through the glass, it shouldnt completely penetrate the glass but rockets do have a failsafe preventing them from detonating until they’ve reached a specific distance away

… it should have exploded on the 3rd window it impacted with rather than hitting you, or just not penetrated the first window at all (and not exploded either.)

I think that rocket shells are made just tough enough to survive their own acceleration, but are not resistant enough to survive the impact on a hard surface like BP glass, although I believe an explosion in such an enclosed space should be lethal to most living organisms no matter what