Something amazing!

In the morning of the first day adventuring a few Z wandered or followed me to my safehouse. I promptly killed them.

At noon my third looting trip was under way and another bunch of Z’s were at my front door. I promptly killed them.

Late in the afternoon I was returning home when there were yet another bunch of Z’s at my door… I promptly killed them and butchered there corpses.

They haven’t come back since.

My face when I realized that zombies revive now.

but positive.

Devs…I love you. But I have two questions:
Why isn’t every one going mad about this?
Do I just have the best bug ever?

GG did mention that he wanted to do something like this previously.

They revive? i haven’t noticed that. Why that z corpse in my safehouse haven’t killed me in my sleep then? Was it because it spent 5 days in inventory unnoticed?

I have no idea if he implemented this yet. He said something about zombies slowly healing and reviving.

Perhaps you had a zombie necromancer revive them? I’ve slaughtered entire towns without butchering, and none of them got back up.

That sound more reasonable…

I don’t think it made it into 0.5, but it’s been merged into the current github master – see PR #1020. @TheRealTenman, are you playing a custom build?

Git head has this.
The naked zeds made me realize that they were getting back up, ie. they dont drop clothes the second time you put them down.
Also zombie corpses are yellow on the examine menu now.

[quote=“TheRealTenman, post:1, topic:1317”]My face when I realized that zombies revive now.

but positive.[/quote]

My work here is done :D.

(well, phase 1 of my work, at least)

I am on a Git from a few days ago.

I am just so damn happy that they are in.
It just blew me away when 3 of them where walking around again.

At first I was like “Where the hell did you come from? Meh” shoots bow
Then I was like “No way there are more coming?!” shoots bow
After that it was “Aw shit…they are following my scent or something” shoots bow
But then I was like “Awwww sheeeeeeet” shoots bow and butchers corpses

Also I don’t know why but Electric Zeds don’t seem to be revving. Probably a good thing IMO, I need to practice more butchery for them glorious CBMs.
Luckily for me I butcher Brutes in case of Necros.