Corpses as item containers

When a zombie dies it drops a corpse and bunch of items on the ground.

Now that the nested container is in the game I got an idea.

With the nested containers it should be possible to give the corpse some volume and place the items the zombie dropped inside the corpse. This is probably not too hard to implement, just put the items in some different place instead of ground.

The corpse should probably be special container with infinite volume (or the volume is just not checked) to make sure all the clothes and other things would fit in it.
It should probably be impossible to put new items inside the corpse to avoid unnecessary weirdness.

When a corpse revives the newly revived zombie should take the items contained in the corpse. This would probably be quite a bit of work as I don’t think creatures other than survivors hold items at all.

This would also open the possibility to change the type of revived zombie based on the equipment the corpse has (or doesn’t have).

if i understood correctly, you want the zombie to revive with the clothes it drops as a loot? and be revived as a fitting zombie according to the item it had as the moment of reviving?

That sounds like spawing/evolving with extra steps D: (again, if i understood correctly)

The main thing would be that reviving zombies wouldn’t leave cloth piles behind when they revive.
No more killing military zombies and not getting any gear from it since it was already looted revived zombie.

Item based reviving was just a bonus thought I threw in.

But for them to have gear on them, would mean that you didnt loot them in the first place, so unless the items they spawned rerolled on the loot drop, i dont see the point, i mean if you wanted the gear you wouldnt leave it one them in the first place.

Killing zombies with car usually means that you don’t loot them.