Zombies have no loot?

Is there something wrong or a change got made that zombies no longer have items on them? Im on build 10895 and every time I kill a zombie it seems like all that is there is a bruised zombie corpse or whatever. They used to have things, like clothes and sometimes cash cards and whatnot?

If they died at some point and came back, they do not carry items anymore. You might find piles of cloths and items at their original death point.
Even if you didn’t kill them, there might be windows with broken glass that cut the zombie up and made it bleed out or other causes of death.

I’m downloading 10895 right now and will give it a try.

Edit: First Zombie killed dropped clothing, second one dropped clothing, Tasting India and a vibrator
So I guess you attacked previously killed ones or you use some mod(s) that causes problems.

Ahhh ok I didnt know that. Thank you for +1ing my knowledge.
EDIT:And yea that sounds like probably whats going on, as this is happening on the edge of a town and a couple of buildings away, a few of the houses have windows broken and it looks like even some walls have been busted down.