Bug in Sunshine's mutant insects mod

I brought this up in the reddit post where I found the mod but no response yet. I was hoping someone could explain the error I’m getting whenever I try to start a world including the mod because it’s not clear to me what it’s saying is the problem.

DEBUG : Error: data/mods//Mutant_Insects/mutant_insect.json: line 1127:13: Expected number

"bodytype": "flying insect",
"default_faction": "wasp",
"diff": "
"speed": 120,
"attack_cost": 150,

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::load_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 1012

Find the .json edit it and remove the quotations you see around the 3 should fix it. A number of mods have had this problam due to the new json syntax

fixed version of mutant_insect.json


Thanks to both of you.

the new json syntax

Little nitpick: the json syntax didn’t change, it’s the same as before but inforced more strictly. Meaning that things currently breaking actually never worked but the game did not report the errors before.


what does this mod add exactly?

According to the reddit thread:

Mutant Insects:

  • Added a couple new types
  • Added egg and growth data to existing bugs
  • Bugs can evolve into mega-sized versions, larger than a human
  • Insects can only be tamed at larva/nymph stage
  • 1/10 larva are friendly enough to be tamed
  • Eggs can be altered with mutagen to hatch friendly larva
  • Flying insects make loud noises based on size

There’s also a mutant animals mod.

Mutant Animals:

  • Added freaky mutant animals
  • Animals have evolution paths based on type; fish, canine, etc.
  • Animals first evolve into diseased forms then final forms
  • Mutants can then reproduce normally
  • A few tameable and rideable types

Both at this link https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/files/3295493/Sunshine.Animal.Mods.zip

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There use to be a page for Sunshines Mutant animals on this site, anyone know where it went?

Apparently, Sunshine must have deleted it, while leaving the file up on the Github (but outside the source tree repo).

Hey @Sunshine, I think your Mutant Animals and Mutant Insects mods are excellent and I’d like to mainline them. Do I have permission?


Is sunshine still around anymore?

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He has not been online for a long time, would be cool if he came back like Tefnut, though…

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That’s a shame, hope he’s alright and happy.

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