Bug/exploit - carrying long objects inside inappropriate containers (+ object cloning?)

Hello everyone,
I’ve been having fun with the new storage system lately and found that it is possible to put an object that is too long for a given bag inside this bag. It is achievable by putting a corresponding holster inside this bag first and then activating the holster from inside the bag and sheathing the object. This way it will appear in this bag and will stay there untill the next manipulation with this bag.

Let me show you the following example - I want to put a wood axe (len 96 cm) inside a dive bag (max len 70 cm). Obviously I can’t do this by regular means:

Now I’ve put that axe ring holster inside my dive bag and used it from inside my bag while standing over the axe. So it’s in. And it will stay there untill we try to put or take something from this bag or take this bag off and then put it on (it still stays inside, if you just take it off):

I tested this bug on spear strap and makeshift glaive - it works too, so I think it should work on all items with holster/sheath function.

Also, while messing with bags and holsters I randomly cloned my glaive. Later I managed to reproduce it on wood axe (and on glaive again, actually I have way too much glaives now). Here is the algorithm:

  1. Take any sheathed/holstered object that doesn’t fit into your bags.
  2. You should recieve wield or wear query. Choose wield.
  3. Then you will be asked whether or not you want to draw from sheath/holster you picked up. Choose yes.
  4. The next window will give you holster/draw choice. Choose draw.
  5. At this point your character will have initially holstered weapon/object in his hands. But the holster itself would steel have this object in it.
  6. Congratulations, we just cloned something. At least for now this process didn’t cause any errors or crashes for me

I don’t really know if there is any connection between these bugs, but I suppose they both originate from updated storage system.

check these github issues and old forum topic:

Thanks, so the cloning issue was already noticed earlier.
But what about packing long items?