Golf Bag duplicating items

So for a day or so (real time) my golf bag has been dropping 1st aid kits on the ground![infinite stuff. I used to just leave the duplicated kits behind because i didn’t earn/find them. But when i found “the big bag” i started leaving my golf bag in the monster van i created. It seems my golf bag has been busy.

Yeeeaah, there’s some duplication stuff going around. I don’t know that it’s actually tied to a specific container. I had my cxstorm (or whatever) breed into about 10 of itself but couldn’t figure out how to reproduce it.

I don’t know enough about it to make a bug report. If you can find a reproducible way of duplicating items, I’d encourage you to make a report on github if there isn’t already one about that particular method.

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Happened with spears until it was fixed a while ago.

Basically it’s an item size vs container size issue. A band-aid for now is to destroy whatever container is duplicating items via fire or dissassembly. I’ve lost a save to this once due to exponentially growing duplicating items. I suggest swift action on any containers that do this if you want to keep your world.

My sheaths have been eating my combat knifes, lost like 6 knifes due to this so far. Could this be related? The knifes seem to vanish upon loading a game, but it’s not consistent.