Weapon containers can be used to clone weapons and rock forge doesn't use coal


Noticed a couple of bugs that are actually beneficial to the player but should be corrected nevertheless.

  • If you try put on a weapon container with a weapon inside (e.g. spear strap with naginata) directly from floor without picking it up first into your inventory AND do it using W command AND you don’t have enough space in your inventory for the weapon, the game asks if you want to Draw the weapon. If you choose the option to draw in both of the successive dialogues, the weapon is actually duplicated: one in your hand and still one remaining in the now worn container. I tested with several different weapons and containers and found out it doesn’t happen if you have enough space in your inventory for the weapon, but if you intentionally drop your other containers before you try the (W)ear-pickup, the cloning happens. Works even on nice stuff like A7 rifles, but is of course cheating =)

  • Also, my rock forge seems to check whether I have enough coal loaded for the task I attempt, but never actually consumes it.

If you can’t reproduce these trivially, let me know and I can provide the savegame.


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