Broken leg in .6 (not sure if this is a bug)

Not sure if this is new. Broke my leg. I tried to use first aid and it says I need surgery. Suggested on the general forum to make a leg split. Did that. Didn’t seem to do anything but slow me down. went to sleep and waited 2 days and nothing happened. Is this how its supposed to work?

Someone suggested to use the eye injector in the hospital. I play this game quite a bit (but I tend to get careless and die so never made it to end game content). in my current game I cleared a hospital. no eye injector. Guessing its one of the terminals that sounds an alarm when I use it. My computer skills are not real high, but Ill try that next.

Not sure if this is working how you want it or not. I like the idea of broken bones though. Thanks for putting it in.

Hi, I believe I’m that someone. Splints were supposed to be in the nightlies but perhaps I missed something. Eye-injectors aren’t guaranteed in every hospital, either.

Sorry. :frowning:

there is a splint in the .6 sahmedi release. I put it on, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. I waited several days and nothing.

In the 0.6 release, the splint is just window dressing, the code to use it to heal broken limbs over time was added later.

ah. so in .6 i cant heal my broken leg? i take it, i can download a nightly build and its working there?

I think it might work in .6 but I believe its in the nightly. Also it takes A LONG time to work but once your legs are at 1 health you can heal them normally.

Hospitals have heal machines. They’re usually towards the middle, though I think there can be different levels.

Gas stations occasionally will have roadmaps which will fill out some notes on your map, and mark any hospitals.