Hospital Autodoc

So, I am at the late summer and thanks to the road map, I found nearest hospital to my starting location. In hopes to install few CBMs I drove my car there, and… half of the building is smashed to pieces, Autodoc included.

What are the chances that it would be different in other hospitals? Is there a better and more reliable way to find Autodoc?

Labs also got autodocs, often more than one.

Cool. Hopefully I’l find a lab soon, no luck so far.

Hospitals are always smashed up. It’s one of my main issues with this change.

Then maybe it’s the problem of the hospital itself, or even problem with the monsters bashing everything in their view, and not with the autodoc?

Absolutely. I’m fine with the idea of not being able to surgically replace huge parts of your body with machines via self surgery. Iirc there’s also work being done for NPCs to be able to do the surgery on you, but the main problem with hospitals is since they’re full walk to wall with zombies if you don’t rush it the second you’re in the reality bubble those zombies will tear the entire building into matchsticks.

Doctor’s offices in small towns. Only about 1 in 4 or 5 spawn autodocs, but because the horde is smaller, they’re more likely to survive.

It’s a bit of a hack, but you can park a couple of map tiles away so the hospital’s outside your reality bubble, then make a lot of noise to draw zombies up onto the map as hordes, they will then move towards you and enter the reality bubble safely outside the hospital, causing no damage.
I’ve done this with mansions I was going to drop NPC hitchhikers off in, to mostly clear it without so much wreckage.