Problem with my leg

I have recently broken my leg in cataclysm which in its self is no problem, apparently I can hop faster than zombies. But it got bitten in recent combat with the undead and I need to cauterise it. But I cannot because it is broken what can I do?

Start fire raging fires, honk horns, shoot off shotguns to lure in as many zombies as possible. Scream “FOR GREAT JUSTICE” and go down in a blaze of glory.

Infection: Find antibiotics. Military bases and doctors offices are your best bet.
Bleeding: activate a rag.

Head to a hospital and use a stemcell computer. Good luck getting there before death.

Or make a leg splint. It’s a much safer option, provided you are decent at any cheap ranged combat skill like throwing or bows. Alternatively you could use bear traps/cattle trops kill everything. So long as you have a few funnels and a relatively safe hunting ground you should be fine. It also makes a great time to catch up on any reading you’ve been putting off.

bitten broken limps do not spread infection AFAIK.

I generally have an arm and a leg splint lying around my base as soon as I get settled. It’s really annoying to have broken limbs, even after the pain goes away- broken arms prevent you from wielding large objects and broken legs mean those stupid rats can actually reach the important parts of your body.

Update us with what happens, for science! I’m pretty sure bleeding is only a problem on head/torso because it just means ongoing damage to the body part.

Thanks guys, I think I’m going try get to a hospital and repair my leg as well as grab some antibiotics. Tell you guy how it goes when I get the chance.

If this message reaches you in time, take some serious painkillers just before you get your leg fixed at the hospital.

You don’t have any disinfectant? Seems like I can’t go through more than 2 houses without finding some and that cleans out bite wounds painlessly. Of course it’s still possible that you won’t be able to use it on a broken leg, I haven’t had that problem yet.

I died after getting meds but I was very thirsty and I went to a random evaq shelter to find water. Just my luck it was one with zombies in it, I was so slow I opened the door and I was dead… God Damn Dogs.

That is the story of Morgan Freeman :frowning:

Curious question on that note, how long does it take for a splint to normally take effect? I wound up breaking both my legs and using a splint got one to heal up, but the other one has stayed broken for a while.

Another helpful hint (now) is to thump a basement door or make noise somehow before opening… If the door suddenly starts getting whammed from the north you know you’re not alone :slight_smile:

I haven’t gotten broken arms or legs to really know. But I vaguely remember getting broken arm a few days after the start of summer and having it mended before fall.

That may attract more zombies than necessary though, especially if you are in the city.

That may attract more zombies than necessary though, especially if you are in the city.[/quote]
Does sound carry through z-levels?

In my experience you should take off the splint and put it back on so it can fix the other leg. Even with two splints I’ve found that I could only mend one leg at a time. Also you move SLOW with two splints and no legs… who would have guessed?

I don’t think so, but zombies DO occasionally follow you up stairs, so making a big racket to wake them up may not be advisable.

From what I know, a few days if you get lots of sleep. Try taking it off and putting it on again? XP

EDIT:Ah, so that’s what has been speeding up my recovery (and why my figure is that off) .Health!

From what I know, a few days if you get lots of sleep. Try taking it off and putting it on again…? XP[/quote]

Splints run an extremely-long-odds check every so often to see if the limb they’re on goes to 1 HP. (At that point, the splint’s done its job, OK to remove it, and you heal as normal.) At base, it’s supposed to take about 14 days of constant wear before you can expect the check to come through, so a whole season under default season-length.

You can hinder your odds (takes longer) by having a drug addiction, including alcohol/nicotine.

You can help your odds (heals quicker) by being Healthy (vitamins, etc), Full, Slaked, having faster-healing traits, and laying down (the “Sleep” command, even if you don’t actually sleep).

I tend to RP it out, so I stay in my base and read books and fix my clothes while I wait for it to heal. It usually takes about a week to start healing (in game), sometimes less. I have noticed that when both arms are broken, I need to take off and put the splint back on n order for it to take effect, but that was a few versions ago.